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10 SEP

03-06 AUG

2nd Annual Fight Hard Smile Big Baseball Classic 

Location: John Maccarone City Stadium, Glen Cove, NY

Our 2nd Annual 2017 Fight Hard Smile Big Baseball Classic currently being planned.  More info to follow soon....

The 1st Annual Fight Hard Smile Big Baseball Classic took place at the John Maccarone Memorial (City) Stadium in Glen Cove.  The idea took less than 6 weeks to plan and attracted 19 teams from local to as far as New Jersey.  Teams from 9U to 15U participated.  Each team played 3 games to reach towards the championship games.  Stay tuned for more info on the 2017 Tournament.

2017 5th Annual Nicholas Pedone 5K            (Sep 10th, 2017)

Location: Glen Cove, NY 

The Annual Nicholas Pedone 5K is a family community fundraiser.  The event has attracted over 4400 people over the past 4 years with an average of

1100 participants in attendance annually.  

Visit us again and stay tuned...More info to follow soon!

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