Laura Perfetti

Board Member

Anthony Famiglietti

Board Member

Nick Pedone

Board Member

We have the drive to make a difference and take action. We will influence and stimulate people to join our fight.

We value honest and direct dialogue.  We are responsive and transparent to our both our internal and external supporters.



Michelle Capobianco

Board Member

We will keep our word and commit actions towards our mission.

Josephine Pedone

Board President

John Zozzaro

Board Member


Joseph Greco

Board Member


We will deliver our promise and build trust within our board, our supporters and families we serve.

Our Smile Squad Leaders

Our Smile Squad Board of Directors

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Founders, Josephine Pedone and Nick Pedone continue to Fight Hard Smile Big everyday in memory of their only child, "Sweet Nicholas".  Their focus is to deliver smiles to courageous kids fighting cancer and inspire them to keep smiling as often as they can, just like Nicholas did! 

They feel privileged and grateful to be working side by side with a wonderful group of individuals with big hearts who volunteer their time to help manage and lead the Nicholas Pedone Foundation.  Nick sits on the board and supports with daily operations and fundraising events along side our incredible Smile Squad Board of Directors. Josephine volunteers her time as President.  Together, they work hand in hand with all the board members to ensure that all children fighting cancer receive extra smiles and are encouraged to "Fight Hard Smile Big" with love, hope and comfort.  



We do the right thing and what we believe in.  Honesty and trustworthiness in all we do.