Our HOP4Kids program funds local Hospital Outreach Projects.  We focus on how we can help improve a child's smile and healing process during their time in a hospital or cancer clinic environment while encouraging them to always Fight Hard Smile Big!



In 2016, the Nicholas Pedone Foundation gifted $18,000 to fund a various small projects focusing on Therapeutic Technology and Legacy Building Programs.

iPad Program for Infusion Clinic - 5 iPads, cases and charging

safe funded for patients spending full days getting chemotherapy benefits the well-being of the patients by providing connectivity to online activities, communication with family and friends. The home screens display the foundations logo.

Child Life Specialist iPadsFunded 3 iPads & cases to use as therapeutic tools with patients. The home screens display the foundations logo.

Legacy Bead Program for Transplant PatientsThis program helps patients document their time in treatment. Participants receive beads as they meet different milestones, including needle sticks, infusion treatment, biopsy, port placement, and hair loss to help them gain control over their experiences and tell their stories. A customized Nicholas Pedone Foundation bead will the the first bead to remind them to always Fight Hard Smile Big.

Legacy Bracelets for Transition PatientsThese legacy bracelets are given when patients move on to a new phase of their lives. Giving them an item they can wear and look at with an inspirational message allows them to remember what they have been through and remind them that they can do anything. Bracelets are gifted to patients at the end of their chemotherapy phases.

Gifted  $18,000

Therapeutic Technology and Legacy building Program Project