​​​​Join our fight and  SMILE SQUAD!   

Becoming a volunteer is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself.  

The greatest gift to give yourself is the gift of giving to others.

The Nicholas Pedone Foundation operates with 100% volunteer work.  

Our SMILE SQUAD is the reason we are delivering our mission!  

Only together can we make a difference.

Get Involved and help make a difference!​.

Deliver Smiles to Courageous Kids Fighting Cancer

The Nicholas Pedone Foundation is proud to have the recognition and confidence of our special business partners who have been showing their support to us throughout the last 2 years.  

If you are interested in becoming a
Corporate Sponsor or Donor, here are some examples on how we can Fight Hard Smile Big together:

  • Make the Nicholas Pedone Foundation a recognized charity in your gift-giving and gift matching programs.
  • Sponsor one of our events
  • Host fundraising activities and volunteer projects at work
  • Engage Employees in your businesses involvement in the community.
  • Donate to a very worthy cause
  • Promote the Fight Hard Smile Big attitude...because attitude is half the battle!

Start a Fundraiser

Become a Corporate Sponsor or Donor