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​How do we deliver Smiles to Courageous Kids Fighting Cancer?

10th Annual Nicholas Pedone 5K


"To know Nicholas, was to love Nicholas.  He was the sweetest, kindest and most caring little boy..."


We care  for  our Kids

Fighting Cancer!

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smilePAKs for Cancer Warriors

Our care packages are wrapped with love, warmth and smiles and encourage children to always Fight Hard Smile Big! We deliver smilePAK's to courageous kids fighting cancer within the US.  Learn More... 

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Smile Delivery (Smiles delivered to a child fighting cancer)
Letters to Heaven - Written by Josephine Pedone to Nicholas




Raising Awareness

Sadly, only 4% of government funds are allocated towards Childhood Cancer research! Our kids are worth more than 4%!  We are committed to advocate and raise global awareness for more government funding as we all stand and unite as one voice for a cure.   Learn More...

Meet Sweet Nicholas


Help deliver smiles!  Our caring hospital partners make it a priority to deliver smiles to their pediatric oncology patients everyday.  Together with our smilePAK's and local Hospital Outreach Projects,  our smiles are making a big difference and benefiting kids fighting cancer! Learn More...

​​Our Mission
"To deliver smiles to courageous kids fighting cancer 
and encourage them to always Fight Hard Smile Big!"

The Nicholas Pedone Foundation has been established in memory of

"Sweet Nicholas" who lost his fight to childhood cancer.  

Nicholas was 7 years old.

Nicholas' smile was contagious.  It was his smile that captured the hearts

of many. Nicholas' smile gave strength to everyone around him.  

In loving memory, we hope to spread Nicholas' smiles onto other children

fighting cancer and provide emotional strength and support to their loved ones.  



"Life is not easy, but if you try and smile your way through the hardships, ​
that is half the battle" ~ Josephine Pedone, Founder

Nicholas Pedone 08/30/05 - 05/26/13